General dentists are motivated to save their patients teeth above all else. When a patient presents with tooth damage, the first thing Dr. Tonkikh will attempt to do is restore the structure and health to the tooth or teeth through treatments such as filling, inlays, or crowns.

Unfortunately, these types of restorative procedures are not always possible. Sometimes, a tooth is damaged beyond repair and the only treatment option is to remove the unhealthy tooth.

However, the damage is not the only reason one would undergo a tooth extraction. Dr. Tonkikh has a prototype that she uses to explain the various reason one would undergo a tooth extraction.

Simple Extraction

A simple extraction can be done with local anesthesia and light sedation if the patient so desires. This type of extraction is performed by Dr. Tonkikh on a tooth that can be seen in the mouth. For surgical extractions, Dr. Tonkikh likes to refer to Orthodontist.

During a simple extraction, the patient feels nothing, as the provided local anesthetic is strong and will last throughout the entire procedure. Typically, a simple extraction takes just a few moments, and patients can distract their minds by watching a movie of their choice or listening to music if they would like.