All children are given extra care and attention in our office. Their needs are different from the needs of adults, and we not only understand this but actually take the necessary steps to fill their needs for comfort.

We offer a unique and fun way for children of all ages to receive dental care. We have cartoons and other entertainment in office that can make the whole experience of visiting a dental office a fun-filled event.

Dr. Tonkikh always advises that children should begin receiving check-ups from their dentist at the age of one year. By starting early, you set your child up for healthy teeth and gums and also enable them to experience dental visits in a nurturing and specialized environment.

Since most children find a dental or any medical clinic scary, it is important to put the young patients at ease. Dr. Tonkikh is trained to look after very young children and is accustomed to make them feel comfortable. Regular visits to the dental care clinic builds a rapport between the child and the dentist and the child is at ease during examination and dental treatment.

It is advisable to consult a dentist for any problems relating to children’s health, as many a times, problems that seem to be unrelated to dental health are in fact closely related to it. Seemingly unrelated problems such as snoring or breathing problems or bed wetting or even multiple ear infections can be due to problems in oral health and need to be diagnosed and treated by a dentist who has knowledge in this area.

Complete preventive children’s dental care programs including regular dental examinations, use of toothpaste containing minerals and xylitol, good oral hygiene habits such as correct brushing of teeth, nutritious diet, should be undertaken so that children do not have to suffer serious consequences of neglect that can be reflected on their general health and development.